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Looking for a great home Pilates exercise program but want to make sure your movements are correct and effective? You can take a Pilates Pro home with you with the Body Precision DVDs! Beth Downey, owner of Body Precision, created these routines with the home client in mind, focusing on specific instruction on the proper form essential to achieve results and prevent injury. Whether you are in need of careful core strengthening due to back issues or working your way to a more advanced and challenging workout, Body Precision has the right fit for you!


Beginner Mat

This introductory exercise program will teach you how to work your abs correctly through the basic mat exercises which are the foundation of the work. Learn the mind body connection and how to use your core muscles to prepare you for the next level. Excellent for beginners, the elderly or those with back pain or chronic ailments.


Beginner/Intermediate Mat

Challenge your body to do more difficult movements to continue your process of strengthening the body while increasing flexibility. Flow of movement is emphasized and this DVD will help you become toned and fit. This is the next step in your Pilates progression.


Intermediate Mat

Now you are ready for a faster paced workout that requires additional strength and balance of your body. You will learn to transition from one exercise to the next moving through different spinal movements to challenge your body to optional strength & flexibility. Watch your body get definition without building bulk!


Advanced Mat

The ultimate level for the Pilates body! This DVD is for those who have mastered the Intermediate Level and are ready for an additional challenge. This video requires a balance of strength in both the upper and lower body, and actually gives you a cardiovascular workout. This is ultimate Pilates!



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